Price Fixing and Antitrust Case Studies

Processing Fee Case

In the previous processing fee case, our client owned and managed over 400 hotels across the United States. Its claim was consolidated and identified only one recovery figure for all 400 locations. Without understanding the value applied to each location, our client was unable to determine if its total recovery was accurate. As with most companies, they just signed and filed the claim with the attitude that “we’ll just take what we can get”. We then contacted this company and convinced them to allow us to investigate. We were able break down the claim and identify the value given for each location. We then were able to determine that their records were inaccurate for several years of the claim period. In the end, we were able to increase our client’s claim value and its subsequent recovery by over 63%. Our in-house attorneys and CPAs worked a combined 79 hours on this matter, and in the end, our client ultimately recovered an amount in excess of $800,000.00.

Missing or Destroyed Purchase Data

A very large Fortune 500 aeronautical manufacturing company uses our services for all their class action filings. On one particular case, the claim period extended well beyond what their record retention policies accounted for. Thus, their internal records could prove purchases for only 3 years of the 7 year claim period. Or attorneys traveled to their headquarters, reviewed production capacities, contacted suppliers, analyzed FAA documentation, and met with manufacturing personnel. Upon synthesization of the data, we were able to accurately determine the value of their purchases for the missing 4 years. Our client ultimately recovered what they were entitled to and would have neglected to include the majority of its claim under the terms of settlement. At the end of the day, our client’s claim was increased over $110,000,000. Our client has requested that their significant recovery remain confidential.

Lex Group, LLC represents Fortune 500 companies, single location enterprises, and everything in between. To date, we have recovered over $200 Million for our clients. Your claim will be under expert management at Lex.

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The Lex Mission

Our mission is to make the class action refund process as effortless and profitable as possible. By doing so, we have become leaders in class action recovery.