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A $354 million class action settlement was approved by a federal judge to settle a class action lawsuit alleging International Paper and two other companies schemed to hike the price of containerboard products.

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About the Case

Containerboard Products Class Action Lawsuit

Containerboard Products Class Action Lawsuit

Direct purchasers of containerboard products from International Paper, Temple-Inland, and Weyerhaesuer can claim part of the settlement; however, the settlement amount could change depending on the amount another defendant, Georgia-Pacific, agrees to pay as part of a separate settlement.

Containerboard products include linerboard, corrugated medium, rollstock corrugated sheets and corrugated products, including displays, boxes and other containers. Those who purchased containerboard products directly from any of the class action defendants between between Feb. 15, 2004 and Nov. 8, 2010 can file a claim.

The class action settlement ends a complex set of antitrust claims. Direct purchasers of containerboard, including a floor care products company and a food company, alleged that various producers colluded to extract high prices from direct purchasers.

In 2014, a co-defendant to the class action, Packaging Corp., agreed to pay $17.6 million to exit the class action. International Paper, Temple-Inland, and Weyerhaesuer do not admit liability under the terms of the settlement.

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