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Millions of dollars each year in unfiled class action awards are left on the table. Smart business leaders and individuals rely on Lex for their class action refund needs.

Lex Recovery Group, LLC ("Lex") is your outsource solution for class action claim filing. Founded in 2003, we focus on serving the needs of businesses and individuals that are eligible for cash distributions from class action settlements. We have recovered hundreds of millions for our clients. Lex monitors, prepares, and files claims for class action refunds on behalf of a wide range of companies. We provide a total outsourcing solution so that our clients can receive their maximum refunds without spending significant time and other valuable resources.

Case Identification

We help make businesses aware of potential refund opportunities from various class action settlements.

Claim Filing

We'll prepare and file your claim, and assist in gathering any necessary supporting documentation.

Case Tracking

We keep close tabs on each case as it progresses. We'll help cure any deficiencies or audits along the way to ensure you get paid if you are in fact eligible.

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Why choose lex?

Lex was founded by business attorneys who understand how class action lawsuits work. Lex was born out of a realization that a significant number of companies fail to claim their share of class action settlements because of a number of factors, including not knowing about the settlement, not having time to prepare and file a claim, and believing that the amount of recovery does not justify the effort in obtaining it.

What we do?

Lex Recovery Group, LLC was founded in 2003 by business attorneys. We have over 70 years of experience in the legal world and have recovered over $200 Million for our clients. We have filed tens of thousands of claims ranging from small to mid-size companies to Fortune 100 companies.

Our mission

Our mission at Lex Recovery Group, LLC is to partner with business clients to make the class action recovery process as effortless and profitable as possible.

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Michael Jacobs

President | Pacific Fruit Processors
"The best testimonial I can provide is that Lex Group delivered what they promised. Lex Group exceeded our expectations for service and positive business results."

Robert Morriss

ceo | R.B Morriss Company, Inc.
"Lex Group advised me of an opportunity that I did not even know existed. They assisted me with the entire claims process and enabled me to obtain the money that I was legally entitled to. I've recommended them to several colleagues that were equally impressed by their level of service and overall knowledge of the process."

Mike Moser

Coperate Counsel | Fresh Express Incorporated
"Lex Group assisted out company with obtaining over $380,000 from a class action settlement. They did a superb job for us."

Ernie Ulmer

Financial Manager | Hexagon Polymers
"Lex Group has proven to be a professional service that has assisted our company in improving our bottom line results. Lex Group is both pro-active and discreet in maneuvering through the legal challenges of cost recovery. I recommend Lex Group.

Bruno Dumas

President | Ceratec
"We had no idea that there was a refund opportunity available to us. Lex Group informed us and guided us through the process. They even processed over 10,000 pages of invoices to support our claim. The result was a significant refund for our company."

James Towery

President | Specialty Beverages
"I wouldn't have known about the settlement without Lex Group. I also had very little evidence of my purchase. My claim was paid in full. I would have gotten nothing if it weren't for their services."

R. Frank Meyer

President | Cyntech Technologies
"Our company was totally unaware that a settlement even existed. Lex Group contacted us, informed me of the opportunity to file a claim and assisted us with proving the claim. Without Lex, we would never have received a dime. Instead, we received a six-figure check. I looked at it as found money."

Craig Pope

President | Aetna Glass
"I wouldn't have filed a claim if it weren't for their persistence. I have ben so satisfied with my results that I have referred several business acquittances to Lex Group."